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Some press comments & news

Photo by Andre Geicke

Jose Manuel Gamboa, Guia libre del flamenco, Madrid, Espana  2001:

"Concertista de esplendido estilo, que mezcla con inteligencia el flamenco mas traditional con inteligentes dosis de comercialidad actual. Hablamos de un excelente guitarrista, tanto en la vertiente interpretativa como en la faceta de compositor. Su album Solo flamenco puede entrar en buena lid con producciones de fuste."

Paul Fowles, Classical Guitar Magazine, Blaydon on Tyne, United Kingdom, July 2008:

"To describe flamenco guitarrist Jan Hengmith as a ´king of cool´ is surely an understatement. Legs crossed and guitar loosely perched on the right leg, Hengmith is one of those enviable individuals who can fire off the most dazzling array of notes while retaining a relaxed posture which some fail to fully achieve even when the concert is over. Although his second half (of the concert) looked back at more traditional forms, Hengmith is unquestionably an exponent of the modern school, the routine fare of triads against open-string pedals being frequently punctuated with jazz-driven major and minor sevenths."

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