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(c) 2020 by Jan Hengmith

Compositions, Recordings & TV

Photo (and Paintings) by Jens Rusch

Compositions, Recordings:


Varta Musikpreis 1988 LP/MC/CD/VIDEO (CPR/CPR) (c) 1988 Compilation

Weihnachts Edition CD (Marantz/Marantz) (c) 1992 Compilation

CD (Acoustic Music Records/Rough Trade) (c )1993, all composed by Jan Hengmith

Acoustic Guitar MC (Acoustic Music Records/Rough Trade) (c) 1994
Compilation with Baden Powell, Rafael Fays, Pierre Bensusan and others

Acoustic Guitar Highlights Vol.1 CD (Acoustic Music Records/Rough Trade) (c) 1995
Compilation with Jacques Stotzem, Woody Mann and others

CD (TIS Eastwest/Warner) (c) 1995, all composed by Jan Hengmith

Best of Varta Musikpreis CD (CP Kramer/CP Kramer) (c) 1996 Compilation

25 Jahre Fabrik Jubiläums CD (World Beat/TIS Eastwest) (c) 1996
Compilation with Gottfried Böttger, Joja Wendt, Carsten Bohn, Rainer Baumann and others

Guitarra Romantica CD (Polygram/Polydor) (c) 1996
Compilation with Paco de Lucia, John McLaughlin, Al di Meola, Egberto Gismonti, Vicente Amigo and others

Flamenco 2CD/2MC (Polyband/Polydor) (c) 1996
Compilation with Sabicas and others

JAN HENGMITH: FLAMENCO AND GIPSY MUSIC CD (Playbones Records/Playbones Music) (c) 1998, all composed by Jan Hengmith

JAN HENGMITH: FLAMENCO GUITAR CD (Playbones Records/Playbones Music) (c) 1999, all composed by Jan Hengmith

The Cut (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) CD/LP (Bureau B/Bombero International) (c) 2014
Compilation (includes one title played by Corinna Ludzuweit, Percussion and Jan Hengmith, Doublebass)

Photo by Jessica Szturmann

TV live performances (selection):

NDR Schmidt - Die Mitternachtsshow 03.02.1990
with "Marlene Jaschke", Corny Littmann, "Lilo Wanders", Lisa Politt, Gunter Schmidt and others

ARD Up´n Swutsch 18.05.1991
with Stephan Remmler, Sting and others

NDR 3nach9 Talkshow 24.01.1992
with Helmut Kindler, Pfarrer Alberts and others

NDR 3nach9 Talkshow 04.02.1994
with Giovanni di Lorenzo, Juliane Bartels and others

(c) 2020 by Jan Hengmith