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Photo by Andre Geicke

1961 Born in Hamburg, Germany.

1976 Learning guitar and bass playing. Later also various string- and percussion-instruments.

1982 First trip to Andalucia, Spain.

1984 Moved to Granada, Sacromonte, Spain, stayed at the gitanos. taught by PACO PENA, RAFAEL HABICHUELA, MANUEL DE PALMA, MERENGUE DE CORDOBA.

1986 Back to Hamburg, studied musicology, ethnology and philosophy at the University of Hamburg (1986 till 1990).

1987 Taught flamenco-guitar at the University of Hamburg (1987 till 1993), first live concerts as a soloist as well as with the flamenco-dancer PERLA DE ANDALUCIA.

1988 First radio-interviews and record-releases, first price winner of the Varta-Musikpreis in Cologne, duo-concerts with guitarrist OLIVER BAUMGARTEN.

1989 Duo- and trio-concerts with ANDRE KRIKULA (guitar and vocals), CHRISTIAN VON RICHTHOFEN (drums, percussion, vocals) and ANGEL NAVARRO (drums, percussion, vocals).

1990 Composer of the music for and guitarist in a theatre/video-production, live concerts on TV (NDR) as soloist on guitar.

1991 Formed the group GITANE with CORINNA LUZUWEIT on percussion and others, TV-apperances as solo-flamenco-guitarist  (ARD), , solo-CD-recording live at the "internationale Funkausstellung Berlin" for Phillips/Marantz, concerts with guitarists PEDRO PALOMO and JORGE PALOMO.

1992 Concerts with CONNY SOMMER on percussion and dancer JOSE FORTES , TV-appearences as soloist-flamenco-guitarist (NDR, ARD), tournee, trip to Venezuela.

1993 Recording of the CD-production "JAN HENGMITH - FUSION FLAMENCA" with JÜRGEN ATTIG  on bass and ROBBIE SMITH on drums and others, Participant of the Flamenco-Festival-Hamburg together with JUAN DEL GASTOR (guitar), dancer CONCHA VARGAS and others, trip to Cuba.

1994 Radio- and TV-interviews and audiences, participant of the International Guitar Festival Edenkoben (Germany) with guitarists PIERRE BENSUSAN, TIM SPARKS, DEAN MAGRAW, JACQUES STOTZEM.

1995 Tournee, Participant of the International Flamenco Festival Freiburg (Germany) with NINO JOSELE (guitar), DAVID SERVA (guitar) TINO LOZANO (dancer) and others, recording of the CD-produktion "JAN HENGMITH - SOLO FLAMENCO" with BENJAMIN HÜLLENKREMER on bass, live-performance at the Cologne Philharmonic with BLÄCK FÖÖSS and members of the COLOGNE PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA.

1996 Composer and guitarist in the theatre-production "Lieder und Texte von Pablo Neruda" with PETER-DIETER SCHNITZLER, SABINE FALKENBERG, KARL MASLO, tournee and participant of festivals in Hannover with AMPARO DE TRIANA and others and Festival Bad Oyenhausen with NINA CORTI and CHICO AND THE GIPSYS.

1997 Tournee and participation at the International Guitar Festival in Volgograd (Russia) with guitarists ALEXANDER FRAUCHI, ROBERTO AUSSEL, CARLO MARCIONE, RAPHAELLA SMITS, JEVGENI FINKELSTEIN and others, TV audiences, interviews and a complete live recording in by Russian TV.

1998 Recording of the CD-production "JAN HENGMITH - FLAMENCO AND GIPSY MUSIC", participation at the International Guitar Festival Wiesloch (Germany), tournee and concerts in Germany, England and Spain.

1999 Recording of the CD-productions "CALIMA FLAMENCA - AL CALOR DE LA NOCHE" as producer and percussionist, "JAN HENGMITH - FLAMENCO GUITAR" as soloist on guitar, tournee.

2000 Tournee and participation on several Guitar- and Flamenco-Festivals in Europe.

2001 Concerts with different artists (e.g. TONI EL RABIA, singer), participation at the International Guitar Festival Bad Aibling (Germany) with BELEN CABANES, JOSE PARRONDO and others.

2002 Tournee and participation at Guitar Festival Hof with CARLO DOMENICONI, DIETMAR UNGERANK and others, Flamenco Festival Hannover with ANA MARIA AMAHI, MIGUEL SOTELO and others, duo-concerts with guitarist GILBERTO TORRES.

2003 - 2011 Tournee every year, participation on various national and international Guitar- and Flamenco-Festivals (e.g. Aalborg Festival Denmark 2007 with PEPE ROMERO, BERNARD HEBB and others).

He´s currently teaching on festivals (masterclass), in a music school in
Hamburg and Private Lessons.
For more information look at:
Lessons and Performances

1987 - 2018 Jan Hengmith performed more than 500 solo-concerts and his compositions have been released on more than 10 different CDs worldwide.

(c) 2020 by Jan Hengmith